On-campus living for women at the University of Idaho

Welcome to Steel House at the University of Idaho!

We are an on-campus cooperative living group for women that houses up to 32 residents.


Click HERE for 2018-2019 contract.


Some quick facts about Steel House:

  • Fees include BOTH room and board. No need to be on a meal plan!
  • Spaces are “first-come-first-serve.” When spaces fill up, we start a waiting list.
  • Steel House meets the University of Idaho requirements as an on-campus living group for freshmen.
  • Students in all grade levels live in Steel House.   
  • Women who attend the University of Idaho can be a part-time or full-time student while living in Steel House.
  • Steel House provides an affordable living option for women attending the University of Idaho. Because the residents share in caring for the house, this keeps expenses lower.
  • Women in Steel House have full access to the kitchen for those late night munchies!
  • Steel House in much like a family environment where residents prepare their own breakfast and lunch as desired and a chef prepares dinners (Monday through Friday). 
  • Steel House is considered “dry” and is a safe place to live for under age students.
  • A resident assistant (RA) lives with the residents and an active alumni board of directors works with residents in training them how to run a household. 


Still have questions? E-mail: delh@uidaho.edu 


Steel House

The ladies of Steel House

Steel House is named after Ethel K. Steel, a former University of Idaho Board of Regents member.


 pumpkin carving

Steel House is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

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