On-campus living for women at the University of Idaho

 Welcome to Steel House at the University of Idaho!

We are an on-campus cooperative living group for women that houses up to 32 residents.


The 2018-2019 contract is now up! Click HERE to sign up.



Fees include BOTH room and board. No need to be on a meal plan!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Steel House is somewhere on this site. Happy surfing!  

 Still have questions? E-mail: delh@uidaho.edu 


NOTE: Steel House meets University of Idaho requirements as an on-campus living group for freshmen! Residents of all grade levels live in the house.


Steel House

The ladies of Steel House

Women who attend the University of Idaho can choose to live in Steel House as an on-campus living option.
Steel House provides an affordable living option for women attending the University of Idaho.
Women who live in Steel House take care of the house in exchange for lowered rates.
Women in Steel House help cook meals!
Women in Steel House have full access to the kitchen for those late night munchies!
Steel House is considered “dry” and is a safe place to live for under age students.
Steel House is named after Ethel K. Steel, a former University of Idaho Board of Regents member.


 pumpkin carving

Steel House is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.