Updates on Steel Life

Greetings! Spring is finally acting like it’s ready to arrive at the University of Idaho, and everyone is thrilled about it! The sunshine and warmer weather is very refreshing, and it’s pretty nice to be able to break out the sunglasses and put the jackets away.

Last week, we all came back from Spring Break. Now we’re back into the groove of classes, exams, and usin’ the good ole noggin! For Spring Break, some of the ladies of Steel House traveled home to see family, some went to spend it with friends, some stayed on campus at the house, and a couple of them even went to Canada! The break was much needed and much appreciated 🙂

As for recent news here, we are all preparing for UIdaho Bound (formally called Vandal Friday) this month! UIdaho Bound is an event where both non-students and newly admitted students can learn about UI and its opportunities and programs, what it’s like to be a student here, and where they can live, and much more. Those who attend UIdaho Bound get to tour campus and on-campus living options, and that’s where we come in! Members of Steel House will be walking interested groups of UI Bound attendees to the house for tours, more information on Steel House, dinner with us, and even an over-night stay to see what living in the house is like!

Making Door Decs

In the picture above, some of the women of Steel House are making door decs to put on their room doors for UIdaho Bound!

Before Break…

The Fall 2015 semester came to a close, and the women of Steel House had the annual Christmas party! We all went to see the play A Christmas Carol at a theater on campus, and when we came back from the play, we had cider and desserts, and then opened presents and did a white elephant gift exchange. After the party, we took a house photo, as seen below. It was a very Merry early Christmas! A lovely break from Finals time, indeed.


SH 2015 xmas party

Since the Last Entry…


As dead week and finals week approach, the temperature has dropped, but the studying level is going sky high! But just because we’re trying to stay toasty warm by the fire and not drown in our studies doesn’t mean that we don’t still socialize and help each other out! We have done some pretty cool things since the last Blog entry.

We had pumpkin carving with the Board of Directors AND we had our Halloween Party!! Both were a huge success; A good time was had by all, the pumpkins turned out perfectly, good friends joined us at the party, the food was amazeballs, the dancing and the games were AWESOME, and the costumes were pretty good too!

Pumpkin Carving with the Board of Directors! October 2015

Pumpkin Carving with the Board of Directors!
October 2015

Another big event we had was the House Thanksgiving Dinner before we all left for break! It was delicious, and it made us all miss everyone just a little bit more during Thanksgiving break. Steel House is definitely a second home to me.

Currently, we’re planning on having a Christmas party! The party planning committee that we have instated has amazing, creative, and hard-working girls that definitely have a knack for bringing these events (and us!) together.

As usual, we continue to have those 2am study groups in the study room or in the living room, and I tell ya- studying with friends keeps you motivated and awake! Nikki, Theresa, Jazlyn, Kayla, and I had a little study/exam prep group last night, in fact. It’s a very good thing, and I’m grateful that there are so many great people in the house. It’s a pretty close community! #SteelGoingStrong

The ladies of Steel House, October 2015.

The ladies of Steel House, October 2015.

Time Flies When You’re in College..

It’s already October, officially Fall, and time for midterms…. It feels like summer just ended, but at the same time, it also feels like we’ve been going to class and doing tons of homework for like a year already. Life is busy at school, but we have each other always. I frequently have near all-nighters of doing homework, and at least one person is always in the same boat, trying to remain awake and functional right there with me! Steel House girls stand strong!

Speaking of Steel House pride, we have voted and unveiled the winning design for the Steel House shirts!

The Steel House 2015 shirt design!!

The Steel House 2015 shirt design!!

We’re all really looking forward to getting them and showin’ some Steel spirit around campus.


For October festivities, we will be having a Steel House Halloween party, and we will also have a little pre-party decorating get together with the Board of Directors on the day before the party! It will be a great time, and I’m excited to see what everyone will be dressing up as.


Good luck on midterms, and remember that if sleep isn’t going to happen, there is ALWAYS coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

Life at Steel House.. So Far!


It has been about 2 weeks into the 2015-2016 school year, and it has been great! There is a bunch of homework that we have to do now, but we still manage to fit in some social time and have fun. 🙂 We have made friendship bracelets, had movie marathons, nail polishing parties, Sunday brunches, and many other little random (but always fun) gatherings with each other.

In other news, Steel House now has this year’s Vice President, Sabrina Sirani, and the Secretary, Nikki Rafferty! Congrats to these great ladies, and welcome to the Executive Board. The year is already off to a great start, and I’m glad to have such a great group of women to live and work with.

Now We’re Gettin’ Somewhere!

Hello ladies,

We have finally arrived and started to settle into Steel House! Yay! Seems like it took forever for this time to get here (or at least it felt that way for the e-board, haha), but WE MADE IT! Now we can all start the school year off, get to know how our classes work, make new friends, and, for some of us, see what it’s like to be a college student here at the University of Idaho!

We are making some serious progress; we just had our first House meeting of the year, our classes start tomorrow, and we’ll all get to meet up again next Sunday to see who ours Bigs and Littles are going to be!! You are an amazing group of ladies, and its going to be great to get to know eachother!

As always, if you have any questions, hit up any of the e-board members and we can help you out. 🙂

Hello to the 2015 Ladies of Steel!

Hello, Ladies of Steel! As we get closer and closer to movin’ in and meeting each other, I’d like to introduce myself and let you know that the ladies of the Steel House executive board are here to help you get ready, settle in, and prepare for your first year of college! Message any of us on Facebook if you have ANY questions 🙂 We’re here for you!

My name is Melissa, and I will be the President of Steel House for the 2015-2016 school year. I am a sophomore at University of Idaho, and my major is Pre-Medical Chemistry. I also have a minor in Philosophy. I have lived in Idaho for almost 5 years, and I love it! I live in Sandpoint, ID. I love horses, glitter, mountain biking, racing BMX, and anything beach related 🙂

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Get ready to pack your cars to the max and head for college!

2014-2015 Housing Contract Now up!

For those people desiring to live in Steel House for the 2014-2015 school year, we’ve just posted the new housing contract. Click HERE to go directly to that link where you can download the PDF version of the contract.

There are several openings for new students (both freshmen as well us current U of I students). There are NO singles left for the school year. As people turn in contracts, you’ll be asked to fill out a questionnaire about your living preferences. This will help us fit you with the right roommate.

Keep checking back for updated information as it comes in!

We welcome you to Steel House at the University of Idaho… GO VANDALS!

Moving into Steel House

Steel House residents… please read through the “sign up” page as well as the one specifically for residents on the website (www.uisteelhouse.org). Everything you will need is on the website so please check it out! There have been lots of questions so to help answer those, please read the following:

  1. All information is on the website: www.uisteelhouse.org
  2. Residents need to set aside Sunday, August 25th (unless you have band camp or orientation). On this day, you will learn all about living in Steel House in addition to having a few fun activities. Prizes involved…
  3. Be sure to read through the items that you’ll need to bring with you to school!
  4. Some new things that are different this year… no house dishes are allowed off the main floor so bring paper products or your own dishes if you wish to take food to your rooms.
  5. Fees are due at the end of August for the fall semester ($3,000 for a double and $3,500 for a single). You will be sent a bill so keep checking e-mails for that.
  6. You pay Steel House for your fees. They do NOT come out of your student account.
  7. We now have a cute little gray box near the mail rooms where you can put your payments. It’s lockable and completely safe!
  8. Each room now has the ability to be locked. When you arrive, you’ll get to check out a room key. You’ll return it upon leaving that specific room.
  9. Check the Steel House Resident Facebook page for the door code. This is not to be shared with anyone!
  10. Again, please check the various pages on the website to learn the answers to most of your questions. If that doesn’t work, e-mail Del: delh@uidaho.edu

See you all soon enough!



Welcome to the new and improved Steel House web site!

For both students and alumnae, our new site is still “in the works.” As you find missing information, please let me know so that we can update the site. What we need most now are pictures! (Some historical ones would be great!) Soon enough, there will methods of “liking” Steel House on Facebook and possibly other forms of social media.

This “blog” section is also for people to comment or ask questions about various aspects of Steel House. Much of the updated information will be posted here, too, so you know where to go look for it. Keep following and invite your friends to follow us, too.

Never forget…. GO VANDALS!