Forms for living in Steel House:

Contracts are ready for the 2018-2019 school year! When you sign up for Steel House, keep in mind that our fees INCLUDE food, which you have UNLIMITED access to on our food plan. You do NOT need to be on a meal plan through the residence halls when you live in Steel House. 

Once you’ve chosen to sign a contract, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Fill out contract (below). Please initial and date at the bottom of each page of the contract. 
  2. Send a $250 damage deposit written to Steel House Inc with your housing contract.
  3. Fill out the roommate questionnaire (with the contract) and send with both the contract and damage deposit.
  4. Fill out the Income Disclosure form (with the contract) and also return that with your contract, roommate questionnaire and damage deposit.
    1. Because Steel House is a 501(c)3 and meets requirements for low-income housing, this form is for the IRS and is not available to anyone other than the IRS, should they ask for it.
    2. You fill out this form based on WHO is paying for your college. If your parents are helping, use their income. If they are not assisting with your college expenses, use your own income. You do NOT have to use the information from your FAFSA for this form.
  5. After you’ve mailed your contract, damage deposit, roommate questionnaire, and the Income Disclosure, THEN… sign up for the Steel House Incoming Residents Facebook page. All updates and information will be posted there until you eventually are asked to join the current residents page, which will happen in June.
  6. Once you’ve sent in the contract with the damage deposit, your space at Steel House is reserved! You have a spot. The contract with the damage deposit (that we put in the bank) guarantees you a space in the house. 
    1. If you’re seeing this in July, you may want to check first to be sure spots are still available.
    2. Please be sure to include an e-mail on the contract that you actually check! It’s not recommended to put your U of I e-mail if you’re an incoming freshman.


2018 – 2019 Contract! 

Our expectation is that when you’ve sent a contract and deposit, you’ve committed to living in Steel House. This is a legally binding contract for the entire school year. If you’re signing a contract for spring semester only, the contract ends in May, the Monday after school is out. 

The 2018-2019 contract includes:

  • Contract
  • Income Disclosure
  • Roommate questionnaire. Special note as you fill it out… Be sure to be honest about your current habits. This is not about what you wish you were like. We have found that being brutally honest about your habits is the best way to find your perfect roommate. 

Download (PDF, 1.18MB)


Steel House


Mail contract and damage deposit to:

Steel House Inc. PO Box 8484 in Moscow, ID 83843

  • Be sure to initial the bottom of each page (Once on each page. Leave the other spaces blank).
  • Make all information legible.
  • The address should be your permanent address
  • Have a parent sign if you’re under the age of 18
  • Include the e-mail you will check most often
  • Include a $250 check for the damage deposit written to “Steel House Inc.” Although the contract mentions a credit card payment, we can only take this type of payment in August and January as we don’t have access to the proper equipment to run credit card payments at any other time.
  • The “Income Disclosure” is for the IRS. This is filled out according to WHO is paying for school. It has nothing to do with the FAFSA and is based on the income level of the resident if SHE is paying for school without the assistance of parents (loans, grants, scholarships, work income, etc).
  • Be sure to e-mail: before sending contract just to be sure of availability!
  • As a reminder, fees are due in two installments; one at the end of August and the other at the end of January. Please plan in advance to make those payment arrangements. 

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