Move-in Dates

Move-in dates

Fall Semester:

  • Officers should arrive at Steel House about ten days before school to prepare the house for the fall semester. This date will be chosen and announced in the spring semester. 
  • Freshmen residents may move in on the Wednesday prior to the scheduled opening of the University of Idaho each fall semester. You’re all required to participate in New Student Orientation so plan ahead!
  • Those who are new to Steel House but are NOT freshmen, may move in the house the THURSDAY before school starts.
  • For those in marching band camp, you may arrive earlier without being charged an extra fee. Be sure to let us know in advance if you’re in marching band so we can plan ahead for your arrival. You’ll still be responsible for the meals that the marching band doesn’t supply for you. Regular meals start the first day of school. However, items will be in the kitchenette for you to cook your own the weekend before school starts. 
  • Residents are required to be in attendance for the entire day the Sunday before school starts. This is when all training for chores is done and for new residents to learn how to be a part of Steel House.
  • Residents must learn how to use a commercial kitchen before being allowed to cook. There are specific health code requirements that must be met in order for anyone can be allowed to use the kitchen.

Closing down for winter break:

  • Steel House is unique in that we don’t close down during school breaks. Residents may stay at the house during all university vacations at no extra fee. However, they will be responsible for purchasing and preparing their own food in addition to keeping the house clean and doing extra chores during the vacations.
  • All residents will be required to do a “deep clean” prior to leaving for all university vacations (including Thanksgiving and spring breaks).
  • At least TWO officers are required to stay through the Sunday after finals week to help check final chores and close up the house for the winter break. This can be arranged within the e-board.

Opening up for spring session:

  • Officers should return four days before the beginning of spring semester to prepare the house for re-opening.
  • Residents may return any time during the winter vacation. We realize that students work in Moscow and may not always get that time off. There is no extra charge for staying at the house during school vacations.
  • Residents must return by the Sunday before spring semester begins for house meetings. Mandatory chore training is done the Sunday before spring semester begins.

Closing down for summer session:

  • The RA, Janitorial Manager, Kitchen Planner, and Kitchen Manager must stay until at least the Monday after graduation to help close up the house for the summer.
  • Unless a resident is staying over the summer, she must vacate the house NO LATER than the Sunday after graduation by noon (with the exception of paid officers who must stay a week after finals are over).
  • A daily fee of $10 will be charged for those who need to stay longer but aren’t planning on staying the summer.
  • Residents may store items at the house over the summer for an additional fee of $100 for the summer. However, those who choose to do this must return the Friday before school starts in the fall to move their items from the storage area to their new rooms.
  • In order for a non-returning resident to get a refund of her deposit, she must complete all check-out chores and go through the check-out procedure. Failure to follow all check-out procedures results in a total loss of deposit.
  • Any loss of deposit from year to year must be paid at the beginning of each new academic year.

Staying over the summer:

  • Summer occupancy is determined each summer. This varies depending on the number of residents desiring to stay in the house. For the years that the house is open in the summer, please continue to read:
  • Summer residents pay $700 if they are attending summer school and/or have a full-tine job. We do not offer a monthly summer option.
  • Summer residents are required to do weekly janitorial and kitchen chores.
  • Summer residents will be required to purchase and cook their own food.
  • Summer rent includes everything but food and must be paid in full by May 31st for the entire summer. Payment plans are NOT an option for summer rent so please consider this if choosing to live in Steel House over the summer months.


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