What to Bring

What to bring to Steel House

You will bring to Steel House whatever you would bring if living in the dorms. In addition, because the majority of the residents at Steel House sleep on porches, you will want a warm electric blanket and extra blankets for our cold winters in Moscow. The porches are not heated but manage to stay fairly warm. Air is circulated easily to help keep germs out when people are ill.

What IS supplied:

  • Single bed, dresser, desk, wardrobe closet and built-in shelving units for all second and third floor rooms. 
  • The kitchen has a microwave and all dishes needed to prepare personal meals are kept in the kitchen.
  • The house has two regular sized refrigerators for house food. Residents may keep their personal items in these fridges but it would better to have a couple fridges in the individual rooms.
  • All cleaning items are purchased by the house. Each fall, the E-board votes on what type of cleaning supplies to purchase. If anyone has specific allergies to chemicals, this must be made known to the House Administrator immediately.
  • Toilet paper, paper towels, rags, vacuum cleaners and general household items are purchased out of resident fees for the entire house.
  • Supplies for your personal trash cans are to be purchased by the resident. General cleaning supplies are for the public parts of the house. Any cleaning supplies you want to use for cleaning your individual room, please supply that on your own. The exception for this is final check-out, where you can use house cleaning supplies. 

Itemized list of what to bring:

  • Single bedding (make sure it’s warm!) and possibly an electric blanket. Some of the beds are extra long twins and others are standard twin size. 
  • Dorm sized refrigerator for the room if desired (talk with roomies first) and… personal dishes (plates, cups, cutlery) if you want to take food to your rooms. House dishes are NOT allowed off the first floor.
  • Alarm clock for the porch that can wake you (but not other residents)
  • Lamps for your rooms as desired (especially for the lower level rooms)
  • All rooms on 2nd and 3rd floors have plenty of built-in shelving.
  • Shower caddy to that can stay in the 2nd floor bathroom to hold everything needed for showers.
  • Plenty of bath and hand towels along with wash cloths.
  • NO CANDLES or incense. You may bring other perfume-based items to help with the freshness of your room.
  • Laundry detergent and dryer sheets. Laundry facilities are part of the overall fees and do NOT require coins.
  • Warm clothing, boots, gloves, hats, umbrella, etc. for the many cold Moscow days and nights.
  • Personal storage containers for personal items. We do NOT have a lot of storage on-site so please keep this in mind.
  • Food storage containers. Moscow has mice so if people plan to keep food in their rooms, it must be kept in sealed containers.
  • Laundry storage container. There are laundry baskets but each resident should supply her own with her name on it.
  • In the summer, residents (who are returning to the house in the fall) may store items at the house for a nominal fee. It will be cheaper than renting a storage unit.
  • Plants and fish are acceptable items to bring. However, no other pets are allowed.
  • Microwaves, rice-cookers, and other small appliances probably won’t work in the individual rooms simply because they could set off the fire alarm. Keep these items in the dining room or kitchen. Please be sure all personal items that are kept in public places are labeled.
  • Curling irons, hair dryers, etc. are acceptable and can be used in the rooms. There are outlets in the bathroom where mirrors are available. There are very few rooms with mirrors in them.
  • House dishes aren’t allowed off the main floor. If you plan to eat in your room, consider having a stash of paper products and plastic utensils. 


This is how we iron our clothes.
This is how we iron our clothes.

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