House Tour

Steel House is located at 908 South Blake on the University of Idaho campus.


The facility is set up as follows:

Back/Side Yard: The back yard is completely enclosed and has its own deck. Perfect for sun-tanning in private or hanging out with fellow residents and friends. We even have our own BBQ grill. This area is locked and is only accessible from the house.

  • Completely enclosed back yard with a deck and picnic tables. A perfect place for all those BBQ’s that we like to have.
  • A volleyball court on the side of the house!

Lower Level:  This section of the house is set up with a study area, media room, laundry, storage and a guest room. 

  • TV room with several levels, much like a home-theater, ready for viewing your favorite shows on comfy couches.
  • Laundry room that includes three washers and four dryers. Cubbies for storing laundry supplies are placed against one wall. Laundry facilities at Steel House are NOT coin operated. You simply sign up for a time to do your laundry.
  • Room #1: This is our guest room where residents can “rent it out” for $25 per night for guests. There are two single beds in this room. It’s a perfect place for your families to stay. Sign up is done with the Resident Advisor. 
  • Room #2: This is the quiet study room in the house. It’s a great place to do your art projects!
  • Laundry room: hidden in the back so the noise of the appliances doesn’t bug you while studying. 

Main Level: This level of the house is considered the “public area” where most group activities take place.

  • Entry way with hallway leading to various rooms on the main level
  • A kitchenette off the main hallway where all breakfast items and left-overs are kept for your eating pleasure.
  • Dining room with special designed tables for meals.
  • Kitchen that is open to Steel House residents to cook when the chef is not using it. Bring your favorite recipes to try out on your friends!
  • Library room between the living room and dining room was originally the “smoking room” back in the day. It’s now used as a quiet place to study and is where officer meetings and other small meetings will take place.
  • Living room with two pianos (dueling piano’s anyone?), a beautiful gas fireplace and wood beams in the ceilings. A large comfortable space to hang out with friends.
  • Room #3: Another guest room rentable for $25 per night.
  • RA’s room
  • Large bathroom with a shower is next to the RA’s room to be used by guests.
  • Mail room! Mail is picked up (as part of chore duties) and delivered to the house daily. Every resident will have her own mail box.



Second Level: This level houses the majority of residents. Those living on this floor sleep on the porch. Most rooms are doubles with two singles and two triple/quad rooms. The large bathroom on the south end of the house is for residents only.

  • Resident rooms #4 through #14. All have built in closets, desks, and dressers.
  • Large bathroom with six showers and several toilet stalls and sinks. This bathroom was recently remodeled and is very roomy.
  • Two janitorial storage closets where cleaning supplies and vacuums for the house are kept.

Third Level: This section of the house contains mostly the sleeping porch. For those who want a quiet living space, this level might be for you! These residents sleep on the porch, which is only steps away from all three resident rooms.

  • Resident Rooms #15 – #17. All have built in closets, dressers, and desks. They are located on the south and north end of the sleeping porch.
  • A very large sleeping porch with dark walls. This space is massive and can easily be separated into smaller cubbies or individual sleeping areas as residents see fit. Most residents sleep on the porch and enjoy the 24-hour quiet. No more waiting for your roommate to turn off the light so you can finally sleep.




Special Note:

  • Capacity of Steel House is up to 35 residents.  

To sign up for Steel House:

  • Fill out the housing contract (Be sure to initial EACH page and write legibly!). (See “sign up” tab)
  • Send a $250 damage deposit (written to Steel House Inc)  along with the contract to: PO Box 8484 in Moscow, ID 83843


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