Applying for a Steel House Scholarship

In 1953, when Ethel K. Steel allowed her name to be attached to Steel House, she set up a scholarship fund. This fund allowed a small scholarship for two residents to help pay their expenses while attending the University of Idaho.

In the late 1980’s, a group of Steel House residents added additional funds to the scholarships by turning “fine monies” into scholarships. Now Steel House has about $7,000 per year to award to residents as scholarship funds to attend the University of Idaho. Scholarship requirements are as follows:

  1. A minimum of a 2.50 GPA
  2. Must have lived in Steel House at least one semester.
  3. Residence in Steel House the full duration (an academic year) of the scholarship.

Scholarships are applied to through the Board of Directors and awarded by the Financial Aid Office. Scholarship recipients still pay their full fees directly to Steel House but are awarded the Steel House Scholarship to assist with expenses.

Scholarships are available to those who hold positions in the house. To apply:

  • State which scholarship position you’re interested in: Resident Advisor, Janitorial Manager, Kitchen Manager, Kitchen Planner (sometimes combined with Kitchen Manager), or UIdaho Bound Chair.
  • Submit a statement (of 500 words or less) as to why you feel you should be awarded a scholarship at Steel House. Include why you’ve chosen specific position and how you’re qualified for that position. In the narrative, the student must include her most recent cumulative GPA.
  • Application process begins before spring break. Details will be announced at a house meeting.
  • Post the statement across from the kitchenette upon being asked to do so. 
  • Scholarship recipients begin training the last six weeks of the spring semester prior to taking over a position. Positions are year-long starting in the fall.


“Scholarship” Positions within Steel House are covered by scholarship funds. See below for instructions on those positions:

Application deadline for all scholarships is April 1st of any given academic year for the following year. Accumulative GPA’s are figured on the previous fall grades. Our way of rewarding those who put in extra time at Steel House is through scholarships. The positions listed below (with the exception of RA) are given priority when awarding scholarships:

  • Resident Adviser – Works with the University of Idaho to assure residents are living by the University of Idaho “Student Code of Conduct” and assists the House Administrator in keeping the physical facility running smoothly. She also supervises programs through The University that helps students learn to live while attending college. The RA at Steel House receives free room and board instead of scholarship funds.
  • Janitorial Manager – Is in charge of all the cleaning duties around the house outside of the kitchen and dining areas. She manages all janitorial chores. Amount varies depending upon how the Steel House endowments are faring.
  • Kitchen Manager – Is in charge of keeping the kitchen, dining room, and kitchenette up to Idaho Health Code standards. She manages all kitchen chores. Amount varies depending upon how the Steel House endowments are faring.
  • Kitchen Planner – Is in charge of purchasing food for breakfast and lunch. In addition, she works with the cook to plan healthy menus. Amount varies depending upon how the Steel House endowments are faring.
  • UIdaho Bound/Recruiting Chair – The person who holds this positions works with the RA and House Administrator on all recruiting events for Steel House, including UIdaho Bound.

PLEASE NOTE: All scholarship recipients and E-board are required to be available during the following dates:

  • Arrive ONE WEEK prior to the first day of classes
  • Stay until the Sunday afternoon after finals during both fall and spring semesters
  • Arrive FOUR DAYS before the beginning of spring semester.




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