Steel House Expectations

  • By living in Steel House, residents agree to abide by the Steel House Constitution. The Constitution is available during the fall of each semester and is revised by the new executive board each spring semester.
  • Residents also agree to live by the University of Idaho “Student Code of Conduct” where University officials may come to the house and work with students who are struggling in keeping up with University guidelines.
  • Residents agree to have no alcohol or illegal drugs on the premises.
  • There is a no-smoking policy on the U of I campus. Smokers will need to find property away from Steel House and the U of I campus to smoke. 
  • Steel House is sponsored by the University of Idaho. Students must be at least a part-time student at The University in order to live in Steel House.
  • Fees for living in Steel House are significantly lower than other living options on campus. The reason for this is that we function as a “cooperative” living group where the house is run mainly by the residents with the assistance of alumnae and a resident adviser.
  • House “work” involves kitchen and janitorial chores. It’s no different than what would be expected of you while living in your own home. Everyone who lives in Steel House is required to participate in various cleaning activities and light house repairs throughout the school year.
  • Students who would prefer not to have chores might do better in another living situation. Please heavily consider this when deciding to live in Steel House. Because Steel House is a cooperative living environment, everyone is asked to carry their weight.
  • Students on academic probation will be required to have tutors and necessary help through The University should their status within The University be in jeopardy.




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