Helping Recruit Future Residents…

What does this mean for Steel House? The best way that people hear about Steel House is by word-of-mouth. Because of that, we make it part of every residents stay at Steel House to assist with all efforts to identify residents that will do well in our community. This includes participation in University of Idaho events that bring potential and admitted Vandals to campus.

Some information you should know:

  • Steel House is filled on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • We “recruit” residents through various University of Idaho events. Without these events, it would be difficult to let incoming students know about Steel House. To help with “getting the word out,” current Steel House residents participate in various University of Idaho activities.
  • Residents are required to participate in University of Idaho events that involve bringing future Vandals to campus. We often “host” incoming Vandals to give them an idea of what living on-campus is all about. It’s what makes the University of Idaho a unique place to attend school. Every student who eventually attends the University of Idaho has the opportunity to visit and stay on campus. Because we are an on-campus living group, we participate in these events.
  • We ask that residents plan ahead by not scheduling outside-of-school activities during University of Idaho recruiting events. Those dates are usually posted on the main U of I web page and will be announced in meetings at the house. However, we do realize that some situations are unavoidable and will accommodate as needed. We’ll gladly find work that a resident can do in place of an absence.
  • All University of Idaho recruiting events are planned through the Dean of Students Office along with Admissions. At Steel House, we have a Recruitment Chair who works alongside the House Administrator to organize all events that involve tours, over-night stays and other University of Idaho events that involve visitors at the house.
  • In order to continue keeping Steel House vibrant and active, it’s important that all residents take part in (in a manner that best suits each resident) helping direct potential residents into our community.

Steel House

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