Why Steel House?

Why live in Steel House?


By being a resident of Steel House, you are considered an on-campus resident. Our “sponsor” is the Dean of Students office.

  • Female students attending the University of Idaho may choose Steel House as an on-campus living option.
  • Steel House offers the opportunity to learn how to manage and care for a house while attending college with assistance from alumnae. In addition, living in Steel House provides skills in learning how to work with others.
  • Steel House is governed by an active local alumnae board rather than a national organization.
  • Residents of Steel House make up the “rules to live by” each semester. Residents update the “Steel House Constitution” yearly to fit the current needs of those living in the house.
  • By choosing to live in Steel House, residents may save as much as $2,000 per year from that of other living options.
  • Each resident has one janitorial chore (on a rotating basis) and two weekly kitchen chores. Because Steel House only hires a house administrator and cook, residents save money because they do most of the work themselves. For those who really like to cook, that can be a kitchen chore!
  • Steel House has a personal chef who works with residents to makes sure there’s plenty of food to eat for breakfast and lunch. You can eat when you want and it’s all purchased for you! The cook works closely with the Kitchen Planner for menus and food purchases. She also works with the Kitchen Manager to assure the kitchen is kept up to Idaho Health Code standards.
  • Are you interested in using the kitchen for those late night munchies? Muffins, cookies, brownies and more are typically made in the kitchen during the wee hours for study treats. Yes, residents have full access to the kitchen (other than meal prep times) which is not an option for other living groups. 
  • Steel House is a unique community of women that learn to live together. They come from various walks of life, and most of all, are women who want to live with others and learn to take pride in caring for their living quarters.


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