Moving into Steel House

Steel House residents… please read through the “sign up” page as well as the one specifically for residents on the website ( Everything you will need is on the website so please check it out! There have been lots of questions so to help answer those, please read the following:

  1. All information is on the website:
  2. Residents need to set aside Sunday, August 25th (unless you have band camp or orientation). On this day, you will learn all about living in Steel House in addition to having a few fun activities. Prizes involved…
  3. Be sure to read through the items that you’ll need to bring with you to school!
  4. Some new things that are different this year… no house dishes are allowed off the main floor so bring paper products or your own dishes if you wish to take food to your rooms.
  5. Fees are due at the end of August for the fall semester ($3,000 for a double and $3,500 for a single). You will be sent a bill so keep checking e-mails for that.
  6. You pay Steel House for your fees. They do NOT come out of your student account.
  7. We now have a cute little gray box near the mail rooms where you can put your payments. It’s lockable and completely safe!
  8. Each room now has the ability to be locked. When you arrive, you’ll get to check out a room key. You’ll return it upon leaving that specific room.
  9. Check the Steel House Resident Facebook page for the door code. This is not to be shared with anyone!
  10. Again, please check the various pages on the website to learn the answers to most of your questions. If that doesn’t work, e-mail Del:

See you all soon enough!




Steel House is an on-campus living group at the University of Idaho for women.

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