New Year!

Hi everyone! I’m Pippin, janitorial manager for Steel House during the 2018-2019 school year. Fall is coming, school is beginning, and new residents are moving in! This year is a year of new starts, and we at Steel House are very excited!

Not only do we have wonderful residents joining our returners, but we also have some updates to the house!

Our Livingroom has been redone with beautiful red oak hardwood, restored from the original flooring. If you had visited before, you likely remember the red walls and the white carpet. Not anymore! We are not sporting crisp cream walls with our beautiful floors, and just in time for new residents!

As well as this, our study room has gotten a revamp! The walls, once red with various primary colors intermingled, are now a beautiful light blue. The floors have some splatter paint and it’s now a space open for games and studying. We also redid the movie room; the walls are now a light blue and more inviting than before.

Already we have new members moving into their rooms and it’s absolutely wonderful to meet them; this year, we have two marching band members, four individuals pursuing science degrees and several lovely people who are spending their time in education courses.

This week is going to be spent settling people in, running around campus to find orientation events, and racing to the Vandal store to find books before classes on Monday! Everyone is excited and I’m more than stoked to keep people up to date about activities we have 🙂

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