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As dead week and finals week approach, the temperature has dropped, but the studying level is going sky high! But just because we’re trying to stay toasty warm by the fire and not drown in our studies doesn’t mean that we don’t still socialize and help each other out! We have done some pretty cool things since the last Blog entry.

We had pumpkin carving with the Board of Directors AND we had our Halloween Party!! Both were a huge success; A good time was had by all, the pumpkins turned out perfectly, good friends joined us at the party, the food was amazeballs, the dancing and the games were AWESOME, and the costumes were pretty good too!

Pumpkin Carving with the Board of Directors! October 2015

Pumpkin Carving with the Board of Directors!
October 2015

Another big event we had was the House Thanksgiving Dinner before we all left for break! It was delicious, and it made us all miss everyone just a little bit more during Thanksgiving break. Steel House is definitely a second home to me.

Currently, we’re planning on having a Christmas party! The party planning committee that we have instated has amazing, creative, and hard-working girls that definitely have a knack for bringing these events (and us!) together.

As usual, we continue to have those 2am study groups in the study room or in the living room, and I tell ya- studying with friends keeps you motivated and awake! Nikki, Theresa, Jazlyn, Kayla, and I had a little study/exam prep group last night, in fact. It’s a very good thing, and I’m grateful that there are so many great people in the house. It’s a pretty close community! #SteelGoingStrong

The ladies of Steel House, October 2015.

The ladies of Steel House, October 2015.

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